Born in a remote northern province of Holland, Frank relocated at age 17 to the centrally located "Hanzestad" of Zwolle. This was a change from what he had known up until that time, for sure. More changes were coming when in the years to follow he immersed himself in the multi-cultural melting pot that is one of the world's most famous and beloved cities: Amsterdam. As one might expect this was quite an eye-opener for a boy from "the country", but he kept his sensibilities. Having enjoyed the experience - yet yearning for a place to settle down that was a bit less hectic - he returned to the East of the country. After playing with various rock/pop formations with succes, he knew it was time to step out on his own and began developing his own style of solo acoustic performance. Not the easiest thing to do, out on a limb in front of the public on your own. It's up to you and no one else is there to catch you if you fall. But he stuck with it and now music lovers everywhere wil be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor as he readies three full-length studio albums.

Frank Blueka's music is best characterized as soulful and  influenced by modern rock, blues and (Irish) folkmusic. His career took a nice turn, when he chose his own music path and signed up with the small BMP recordlabel. Great fact is that on a modest scale, the songs of his albums Acoustic Avenue and Room 88 and "Harvest Waits" are downloaded and streamed worldwide. His talent and crafmanship as a singer/songwriter and  his performing skills have drawn the public's attention. His creative videoclips on Youtube get a considerable number of views.